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Dietary Nutritional Analysis reviews the foods you eat every day and tells you how to optimise your diet to get you where you want to be, in the most simple way. 

'I just want to know what to eat!'

Then let me tell you!
Dietary Nutritional Analysis reviews the foods you eat every day and tells you how to optimise your diet to get you where you want to be, in the most simple way. 
DNA shows you how to get the best from the foods you eat.
If you’re trying to get the best out of your body physically, your nutrition is an integral part!
Optimising your diet allows you to perform better, recover efficiently, reach higher goals and feel incredible doing so.

How does it work?


After logging 7 days of eating & activity in a simple app (no calorie tracking!), this data is analysed based specifically on you and your goals


This information is used to create your bespoke e-guide telling you which foods and nutrients to include, and why, plus how to fit them into your every day diet; based on your specified goals, where you want to be and how you want to feel!


You then receive a full analysis of your macronutrient breakdown, fibre intake, minerals & vitamins, all based on averages across your weekly intake - because one day of eating doesn't define your diet.


As ID Health is rooted in food freedom, there are no off limits foods and we don't restrict or remove any food groups - we love ALL the foods!

All dietary preferences & allergies are included making this suitable for everyone.

You also get educational video content from me every day you’re logging, targeted to help you in the best way possible.
It’s all the stuff you need to know, without wasting your time on stuff you don’t.

What's included?

Take the complexity out of eating
£49.99 £39.99
  • Exclusive logging app Libro
  • Education videos throughout logging
  • Personalised Nutritional Analysis breakdown
  • Personalised Dietary Nutritional e-Guide
  • Access to all ID Health recipes

Your personalised guide includes:

  • Macronutrients (carbs, fats, protein) performance guide
  • Your macronutrient breakdown & ideal percentage split
  • Your individual vitamin & mineral breakdown 
  • Plant variety calculation
  • Your top 5 focus points
  • Your top foods to include
  • Your mindful moments
  • Top tips of how to implements

Personalised nutrition, like you’ve never seen before.

Still not sure? Check out the frequently asked questions ...

Does this involve calorie tracking/weighing food?

There’s no calorie tracking involved in the logging; it’s like a digital food diary. You also don’t have to measure/weigh anything you eat, you can use the visual portion guides in the logging app. The more accurate you are, the more accurate your analysis will be – but your personalised recommendations are still beneficial either way!

Are the calculations specific to me or generalised?

Everything is calculated using your individual data; the initial form you fill out provides all the key info to gather what your individual needs are; based on many factors including your age, gender, lifestyle etc.

How do I know this is for me?

If you’re wanting to make long term changes to optimise your diet that allow you to feel better & perform better; without following restrictive fad generic diets, then this is for you.