The White Powder I use daily.

I’ve been putting a weird, white powder in my coffee for a few weeks now and haven’t let on what it actually is, but man have I enjoyed the guesses. No, it wasn’t a very small amount of whey protein, nor was it some other white powdery substances that were suggested… (2020 has been hard, but not that hard guys, give me some credit..).

It was collagen! So WTF is collagen?

Collagen is the most abundantly found protein in the human body; found in our skin, bones, connective tissue (ligaments), cartilage and tendons. It constituents around 70% of the protein within our skin – which is why it’s often harnessed as a beauty product. As well as our skin health, collagen has shown benefits for our joint health, the strength of our hails & nails, recovery from exercise; and there is emerging evidence to suggest it may be supportive for our gut health & digestion (for more research is needed!).

We produce collagen naturally in our bodies, but this production declines as we age; contributing towards wrinkles/lines & loss of bone/muscle mass. Other things contribute towards this decline such as; smoking, sun exposure, lack of exercise but also over exercise and a diet lacking in nutrients.

So I should probs, defs take it then?

Hold up a sec, few things.

There are over a dozen different types of collagen (all made of different amino acids); the different types form different things. And figuring out which one may help health has shown to not be super straight forward (cos nothing in nutrition ever is). 

You’ll most often hear of type I, II and III. Most supplements you’ll come across are hydrolysed type-I, meaning the amino acid chains have been broken down, allowing the powder to completely dissolve in hot & cold liquids (hence my coffee). These Peptide powders are made from fish scales and/or cow bones or skin (cos that’s where it’s made in animals too! Sorry vegan friends). The names of these are typically Marine Collagen & Bovine Collagen. Bovine Collagen contains both types I and II (supportive of both skin & joint health), whilst Marine is mainly type I (mainly skin health).  In Bovine supplements, look for grass-fed cows; and in Marine look for sustainably sourced fish. Ensure the product is hydrolysed for efficient absorption!

Before reviewing a product I always like to make my own judgements; after using it daily for several weeks, my hair & nails feel stronger & have grown faster; in addition to my skin looking clearer & brighter, which has been helpful at combatting the mask induced spots! Hydrolysed collagen is tasteless and textureless, so it was easy to add in to my coffee every day (I take it black and I honestly wouldn’t have known it was there). Collagen is not at all an essential addition to you life and not something you must be adding in to your diet; but I hope this has answered any questions you may have had.

If anyone has any other white powder they would like reviewed, please feel free to send samples…


It’s always best to choose food over supplements when supporting diet; any type of supplementation will not outweigh a poor diet/lifestyle!

It’s always recommended to discuss any supplementation (vitamins, minerals & herbs) with a Health Practitioner before using them – supplementation should be unique to you! Supplementation of collagen has been shown to have minimal health risks when used for 2-3 months.

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