The Ultimate Bundle

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This bundle contains the following guides ;

Meet Your Cycle
This guide explains what’s happening during each stage of the menstrual cycle and how this relates to your body & the way you’re feeling.
Meet Your Mones
This guide goes through the various hormones involved in the cycle and how they’re responsible for making us feel tired, energised, hungry & confident at different times in our cycles.
Feed Your Hormones
Want to know which foods are involved in hormone production and how what we eat can support our natural hormone balance? This guide takes through all the key nutrients and where to find them.
The Recipe Guide
The Recipe Guide takes all the key nutrient foods we need and packs them into easy & delicious recipes – there’s over 20 recipes with simple adaptations for all dietary needs!
In Stock Essentials –
Not sure what to have in the kitchen to make your life easier? This guide sets you up to always have something tasty, healthy and hormone friendly in the cupboard.
The Contraception Guide –
Do you have questions about how contraception works? This guide takes your through how contraception works, how it affects your body and mind; with all the possible positives & drawbacks you need to know. If you’ve been on contraception for a while, or are thinking of changing, starting or coming off – this is the guide for you!
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1 review for The Ultimate Bundle

  1. Erika

    This bundle is a must for anyone who has a menstrual cycle! I learnt more about my body and how it works reading these guides than at any other point in my life.
    They are informative, using the technical terms you hear doctors use, but with the explanation and reasoning to make it digestible and easy to understand.
    The recipe guide is refreshing to hear of foods to add rather than takeaway from your diet, and I can say from experience they taste good!
    Finally, the contraception guide is the empowering information you didn’t know you needed. It takes away the confusion and worry about the right contraception for you, being able to make your own decisions and have the confidence to discuss this informatively with your doctor.
    Overall, 10/10, would recommend.

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