The Contraception Guide

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Do you have questions about how contraception works? This guide takes your through how contraception works, how it affects your body and mind; with all the possible positives & drawbacks you need to know. If you’ve been on contraception for a while, or are thinking of changing, starting or coming off – this is the guide for you! Once you’ve completed your purchase you will receive a confirmation email with a download link.


1 review for The Contraception Guide

  1. Connie

    This is a really comprehensive and interesting guide to contraception that’s engaging and easy to read. All women (and men) should know this information so that they can make informed choices about the best method of contraception for them and this guide really helped me to have a constructive conversation with my GP, resulting in me swapping to a new one after 10 years of not really understanding how my previous contraceptive interacted with my body. I understand my body better and feel empowered to make my own contraception choices knowing more about the impacts of that choice on me and my body – highly recommend purchasing this guide 😊

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