Own Your Hormones

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Own Your Hormones

This programme is for you if you’re looking for more information around your monthly cycle and how it impacts your daily life.

Feel like you aren’t yourself for that one week every month?? That’s a quarter of your life!

You deserve to be your best self EVERY SINGLE DAY!

This program will leave you feeling in control of your body, understanding how to minimise & manage PMS, know what foods are best to eat (and when) and allow you to be kinder & more compassionate to your body.

If you want to know how to balance your hormones, combat PMS symptoms and make your hormones work FOR you, not AGAINST you, then this for you.

Here’s an idea of what’s included each week:

Week 1: Meet Your Hormones; what is the menstrual cycle; what hormones are involved; why do I get so hungry and moody; is any of this normal?!

Week 2: Feed Your Hormones; what foods will support my hormones; should I be avoiding things; can I eat carbs; how do I make healthy foods taste nice?!

Week 3: Balance Your Hormones; why do I get bloated; how do I stop my cravings; how does the pill work; does my cycle affect my weight?!

Week 4: Control Your Hormones; how much sleep should I get; why does stress matter; can I be addicted to sugar; should I be avoiding caffeine; how do I stay motivated?!

Video & downloadable PDF content delivered directly through your ID Health account, with a private Facebook group community. Plus, access to the entire ID Health Library.

Just £28.99 for the full program!


*£8.99 per month thereafter to retain access to the members area. You can cancel at any time from within your ID Health account.

From the ladies who have Owned Their Hormones

‘You. Will. Learn. A. Lot. It’s such a taboo topic most of the time, and this gives you all the information you need to help you start understanding your body better, and why you might be experiencing emotions/feelings you do at certain points in the month, and then the nutrients that you can incorporate to help this. It’s so informative and makes you start thinking about your own body and how to look after it best.’
‘I LOVE the Store Cupboard Essentials & Recipe Guides! Especially like the ideas of how to use ingredients as I used to get bored of doing the same thing everyday AND the ‘tips’ to change the recipes to your own likes/dislikes.’
‘If you’re thinking of starting, there’s literally nothing to lose, extremely informative and the information is given to you in bitesize chunks making it super easy to understand.’
‘I loved learning about the positive effect the hormones have on our bodies, was great that everything is in a positive light – they’re not there to cause us harm, we can use them to the best of our abilities.’
‘The information is split up in to really manageable, bite size pieces of information allowing it to be easy to access after being at work or whilst living a busy lifestyle. The videos are short but extremely informative and I enjoyed the use of the live video Q&A for people to ask questions and have them answered immediately.’