Top Foods You Should NEVER Eat

The post you’ve been waiting for, the ultimate list of foods that are no good for you and should not appear in your diet.

Here you go.

1.  Foods you are allergic to.

2. Food that has gone bad/mouldy/is growing new food.

3. Food you’re intolerant to.

4. Food you don’t like.

5. Food you’re only eating cos someone put it in a list like this.

There is no health related reason (or any other good reason) as to why you should be excluding food from your diet. Apart from those listed above.

Absolutely everything you want and like, should be present in your eating choices.

If you’re following a plan/diet that excludes things you like, or makes you feel guilty for having them then I think we can both agree, that’s hardly ‘health’. Am I right?

And no I’m not talking about the 80/20 rule or the 90/10 rule. I’m talking about understanding the purpose of food, the requirements of your own body and having the respect to give yourself not only what you need, but also what makes you happy.

Yes, there are things we shouldn’t be consuming all day everyday, like everything in life. Too much sugar can be damaging, too many carrots can be damaging. Over consumption or under consumption of anything can be damaging.

Following the advice of someone who labels things as ‘good’ and ‘bad’ or ‘naughty’ is not going to be helpful in creating a good relationship with food. How on earth can you classify the food someone eats with absolutely no idea what they need?

You don’t need to be shotting apple cider vinegar, shredding kale or forcing celery juice down your throat in the name of #health (unless you’re in to that – you do you always).

The best place to start might be putting down your diet plan and understanding what you need a little better.

It can be a scary thing to do. But you deserve the best.

I can help you find it.

*Originally published April 14th 2019

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