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Journey to Food Peace

6 week Group Programme

Are you ready for a life without calorie counting or dieting rules?

Do you dream about a day when the scale doesn’t ruin your day?

Do you want to find peace with food, your body & yourself?

This 6 week program will help you establish:

Identify the dieting rules controlling your decision making.

Remove the ‘good and bad’ labels to stop experiencing guilt and shame.

Reconnect to and regulate your  internal hunger & fullness cues.

Address the underlying features of negative body image.

Support your emotions without turning to chaotic eating.

Achieve a maintainable healthful & free way of eating.

This program is for women who:

  • fear becoming ‘out of control’ around certain foods
  • experience guilt from eating, or the need to compensate
  • may have negative body image
  • struggle with ‘all or nothing’ thinking
  • are confused about intentional dieting and what to do
  • are ready to implement sustainable and healthful change
  • want to improve their relationship with food & themselves

This program is not for women who:

  • want a quick fix or weight loss plan
  • are suffering with an active eating disorder (please find individual support! Contact me for support with this. )
  • aren’t ready to make a meaningful change in their life

It is possible to enjoy food without guilt...

Topic 1

Introduction to Eating Intuitively 

Topic 2

Unconditional Permission to Eat

Topic 3

The Mind – Body Connection: Hunger

Topic 4

The Mind – Body Connection: Fullness

Topic 5

Gentle & Informed Nutrition

Topic 6

Finding Body Respect

This group will help you to...

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Increase your awareness of the diet industry & diet culture and recognise and reject it’s harmful effects

Normalise food and step away from ‘good’ and ‘bad’ labels

Understand how to create a flexible healthy diet that works for you

Develop body appreciation, neutrality and respect

Reconnect with your internal body cues and trust how to respond to them

Create a toolbox of coping mechanisms beyond food 

Reduce the guilt and shame experienced around food and eating

Find satisfaction and enjoyment from eating 

Understand the choices behind intentional dieting and how to implement this in a sustainable way

What’s included:
  • 6 live weekly 90 minute workshops hosted by me!
  • 15 downloads & workbooks
  • access to your Members Area with additional video modules, resources & recipes 
  • a private support chat group 
  • weekly live Q&A session
  • compassionate coaching & accountability
  • weekly values led goal setting
  • a private members Facebook group
    Every Wednesday at 7pm GMT January 26th – March 2nd.

Are you ready to start your Journey to Food Peace?

starts January 26th 2022. Enrol now!

***Early Bird Discount until December 10th!***

All live session will be recorded! And uploaded to your private members area for you to catch up at your convenience. Each week is organised in to the correlating topic which is where you’ll find all your resources and work books too.

If you’re struggling with over eating and feel this is driven by emotional factors, self esteem, escape or restriction, this course can absolutely support you with that! If you’re suffering with Binge Eating Disorder (or any other active eating disorder) please contact me to discuss what personalised support might be more suitable for you.

The primary purpose of this program is to establish freedom and peace around food & eating and step away from food rules, allowing you to eat from a more intuitive perspective. Whilst weight loss may or may not occur in this process, it’s not the primary or intentional focus. If you’re looking to lose weight, establishing a positive relationship with food is the first step as this allows you to create sustainable and healthy change. We will cover intentional dieting through the topics.

If you want to discuss whether this is right for you, please feel free to book a free First Step to Freedom call with me to chat everything through and what is the best method of support.

Journey to Food Peace has been designed putting you at the centre. This program has been developed to focus on your physical, psychology & emotional needs, allowing you to be able to support yourself in the long term. You know your body better than anyone else, this program empowers you to be able to identify your own best interests and feel in control of your body.