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Eating Disorders

find your peace with food.

Support for eating disorders varies greatly for each individual. Together we work to normalise eating, connect to the body and completely re-nourish. I have a gentle nutrition approach, working mindfully and holistically to break destructive thinking & eating patterns. As the mind and body are so closely intertwined, I thoroughly recommend my clients also work with a therapist during their time with me, to gain full well being. I have a number of trusted professionals I can refer to. 

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1 to 1 Food Freedom
6 session package
12 session package

weekly support tailored uniquely to you.

Each week covers a different topic, honing it on exactly what you need and designed to benefit you in as many ways as possible.

Reconnect - Food Freedom 8 week programme

intimate small group coaching to establish food freedom and say goodbye to diet culture for the last time.

Weekly live group coaching workshops, additional resources, guest psychologist, live yoga, members area & access. Delivered online, accessible to all and lockdown secure. Coming soon.

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