• 200g pecans
  • 100g caster sugar


Timing: 15 mins

These wonderful crunchy delights are amazing in cakes, on salads, over oats/yoghurt, or just as a snack.


In a wide pan, sprinkle the sugar over the base in an even layer. Prepare a piece of baking paper/silpat mat on a board.

Over a medium heat, allow the sugar to start to melt, undisturbed. 

When the sugar has turned to liquid and started to darken in colour, add the nuts and use a silicone spatula to coat them.

When the nuts are covered, immediately pour out on to the paper/mat and leave to harden & cool.

*tip to clean your pan: add an inch of water to the pan and leave to boil – the remaining sugar will melt and dissolve in the pan so you don’t have to scrub it off.